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Tatjana Wenig is an independent filmmaker with a unique style shaped by her background in pop culture and television.

Originally from Munich, she gained experience in television production before beginning her studies at the HFF Munich.

While still a student, she entered the music video industry and took a chance of riding the German rap hype of 2017, to work on more than 150 music videos and projects for various artists. She ventured into directing and worked with notable artists including Shirin David, Gims, David Guetta, Future, Luciano, Ufo361 and Robin Schulz and Brands such as Adidas, Highsnobiety and Mercedes-Benz.


Unsatisfied with the status quo of the german rap scene, Tatjana founded the female creative collective FEMALE FORCE, which strives for more women behind the camera in all (leading) positions. Tatjana applies the same mindset when directing commercials.

Female Force

Alongside her work with 100BLACKDOLPHINS, Tatjana founded FEMALE FORCE in 2021, transforming it into a GmbH in 2022.

FEMALE FORCE is focused on empowering women in the film and music industries, both in front of and behind the camera. These industries have traditionally been dominated by men, and our goal is to promote women in crucial positions such as cinematographers, choreographers and producers. We implement this principle from brainstorming to execution and believe that this positively impacts not only the atmosphere on set, but also the way artists and actresses are portrayed. Our long-term goal is to create role models for the next generation and encourage women to succeed in these industries.

In an industry traditionally dominated by men, FEMALE FORCE has successfully generated new opportunities for emerging female talents that were previously lacking. This effort has yielded impressive results, as within less than a year, FEMALE FORCE received three nominations for the HipHop.de Awards. The nominations were for their work on music videos, including "Peppermint" by Luciano and "Pussypower" by Katja Krasavice, as well as recognition as the "Maker of the Year.

"FEMALE FORCE is a production company, an enabler and connector for female teams and a creative house.


Are you looking to gold-plate a battle tank or in need of a suitable hangar as a film location? In need of a real life black panther? Or 20 G Wagon vehicles? Planning to use a robotic arm for shots during the holiday season? Or maybe you're considering a short-notice campaign shoot in the Italian Alps, complete with helicopters and skidoos?

The world of German Rap is undeniably unconventional. Since 2017, Tatjana had the privilege of executing more than 150 projects, including many self-produced ones. She has established valuable connections with (female) crews in Munich and Berlin, as well as production resources spanning Italy, France, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Istanbul, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Spain, and many other locations. Tatjana thrives under pressure, possess extensive experience, and is committed to delivering the best results. She’s delighted to offer her support on your upcoming project.


CUPRA Gamechanger Talks Female Hip-Hop with Fenna Lang, Fatoumata Camara, Steph Karl & Lara Muhn

GG VYBE Sexism in the Music Industry with Aida Baghernejad, Lady Bitch Ray, Shari Who

ADC Festival Congress Pannel Talk about Feminism & Rap with Seriban Cirik, Lara Kuhn & Steph Karl




EFFI Activation for Shirin David x McDonalds


DIE KLAPPE Bronze Social Media for Shirin David x McDonalds - Lieben Wir


EFFI Activation for Shirin David x McDonalds


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Versager by Sido/
dir. Tatjana Wenig & Jakub Rzucidlo


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Wenn ich will by Nessi, Alicia Awa, Bounty & Cocoa, Chelo Minati, Charisma/
dir. Tatjana Wenig for FEMALE FORCE


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Macherinnen des Jahres for FEMALE FORCE


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Schmetterling by Luciano/
dir. Tatjana Wenig for FEMALE FORCE


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Pussy Power by Katja Krsavaice/
dir. Tatjana Wenig for FEMALE FORCE


HIPHOP.DE Nomination for Rich Rich by Ufo361/


HIPHOP.DE Award for Best Video for Highlevel Ignoranz by Fler/

Gold Records

Rythmn & Flouz/ Celo& Abdi, Olexesh, Nimo
Dodi/ Shindy
Hobby Hobby/ Mero
Melatonin/ Sido, Yong, Beka
On Off/ Shirin David, GIMS
Leben vor dem Tod/ Sido, Monchi
Primetime/ Summer Cem
Pyramiden/ Sido, Johannes Oerding
Summer Cem/ Summer Cem, Luciano
Phantom/ Reezy, Summer Cem
Mios mit Bars/ Luciano
Never Know/ Luciano, Shirin David
Peppermint/ Luciano
Leere Hände/ Santos, Sido, Samra
Schmetterling/ Luciano
Kids from the Block/ Luciano

platin Records

Gib Ihm/ Shirin David
Wolke 10/ Mero
Emotions/ Ufo361
Kids from the Block/ Luciano
Better/ Lena feat Nico Santos


Tatjana Wenig im Interview mit ADC

Süddeutsche Zeitung Junge Leute Portrait

Energy Transmission

Zeit Campus


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